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Partnering with Lilo’s Shopify developers ensures a professionally designed and developed store that stands out in the competitive market.

Motor oil
92% Increase in Organic Conversion Rate

Shopify, eCommerce, Web Design

Abrolhos Octopus Web Design and Branding by Lilo Agency
Abrolos Octopus
250% Increase in Organic Traffic

Shopify, eCommerce, Web Design

Girl spring cleaning in the kitchen. Piles kitchen towels in bas
Tiddox Disposables
350% Increase in Organic Shopping Conversions

Shopify, eCommerce, Web Design


Working with Lilo Web Design was a game-changer for our business. They transformed our vision into a stunning, user-friendly website that captures our brand’s essence. – Sarah Thompson, CEO of Sinopec Premium Lubricants

Sinopec Premium Lubricants
Our Shopify Services

Our super experienced Shopify developers create unique, functional and professional eCommerce solutions

Shopify Website development

Perth’s leading Shopify development agency. Our expert team crafts custom Shopify themes and integrates essential apps to elevate your eCommerce experience. We focus on creating visually stunning, user-friendly online stores tailored to your brand. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, Lilo is your trusted partner for all your Shopify needs. Transform your business with our top-tier Shopify website development services.

Shopify SEO

Boost your Shopify store’s visibility and traffic with Lilo’s expert SEO services. Our team employs proven strategies, including keyword optimization, content creation, and technical SEO, to improve your search engine rankings. We focus on driving organic traffic and maximizing conversions, ensuring your store gets the attention it deserves. Trust Lilo to optimize your Shopify site for top-notch SEO performance and long-term success.

Shopify Hosting

Experience reliable and secure Shopify hosting with Lilo, trusted web development agency. Our team ensures your Shopify store runs smoothly with fast load times and maximum uptime. We handle all technical aspects, from setup to maintenance, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Count on Lilo for dependable hosting solutions that keep your online store performing at its best.

Shopify Performance Optimisation

Maximize your store’s potential with Lilo’s Shopify performance optimization services in Perth. Our experts enhance your Shopify site’s speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience. We fine-tune every aspect, from image optimization to code efficiency, ensuring your store runs flawlessly. Trust Lilo to boost your eCommerce performance and keep your customers satisfied with a fast, seamless shopping experience.

Shopify Migration

Seamlessly transition to Shopify with Lilo’s expert migration services. Our team handles every step, from data transfer to theme setup, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free switch. We preserve your store’s functionality and design while enhancing its performance on Shopify. Trust Lilo to make your migration process efficient and stress-free, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Shopify Consultancy

Lilo offers comprehensive Shopify consultancy services in Perth. We guide you through every aspect of your eCommerce journey. Our experienced consultants provide expert advice on store setup, optimization, app integration, and more. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, we tailor our consultancy to meet your specific needs and goals. Partner with Lilo for strategic Shopify guidance that drives success for your online store.

Shopify Support

Get reliable and responsive Shopify support from us. Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any Shopify-related issues, questions, or updates. From technical troubleshooting to guidance on store management, we provide timely and effective support to keep your online business running smoothly. Trust Lilo for ongoing assistance and peace of mind with your Shopify store.

Shopify Development Services

Our skilled team specializes in creating custom Shopify themes, optimizing user experience, and integrating essential features for your online store. From initial setup to ongoing enhancements, we offer end-to-end solutions to elevate your e-commerce business. Partner with Lilo for professional Shopify development services that drive growth and success.

Shopify Page Speed optimisation

Elevate your Shopify store’s performance with Lilo’s expert page speed optimization. Our design team implements strategic techniques to improve load times, enhance user experience, and boost conversions. From image compression to code optimization, we optimize every aspect to ensure your store loads quickly and efficiently. Trust Lilo to optimize your Shopify store for maximum speed and customer satisfaction.

Shopify Web Design

Lilo offers cutting-edge Shopify web design services in Perth to elevate your online store. Our expert designers create visually stunning and user-friendly Shopify websites tailored to your brand and audience. From custom themes to responsive layouts, we ensure your store stands out and delivers a seamless shopping experience. Partner with Lilo for captivating Shopify web design that drives conversions and boosts sales.

Welcome to Lilo, your premier Shopify web design agency in Perth, Australia. As Shopify experts, we specialize in creating stunning, high-performing online stores tailored to your business needs. Our team of skilled Shopify developers and web designers is dedicated to delivering exceptional eCommerce solutions that drive sales and enhance user experience.

Whether you’re starting a new Shopify store or looking to revamp your existing one, Lilo has the expertise and creativity to make your vision a reality. Partner with us and experience the difference of working with Perth’s leading Shopify web design agency.

Award-Winning Shopify Partner

At Lilo, we take pride in being recognized as award-winning Shopify partners. Our team of seasoned Shopify experts in Perth has a proven track record of delivering outstanding eCommerce solutions. We combine innovative design with robust functionality to create online stores that not only look amazing but also perform flawlessly. With our expertise, your business can achieve greater visibility, increased conversions, and sustained growth. Trust Lilo to be your go-to Shopify web design agency for unparalleled success.

Shopify Website Design

At Lilo, our Shopify website design services are crafted to deliver visually stunning and highly functional eCommerce websites. Our team of talented Shopify web designers in Perth focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces, engaging layouts, and seamless navigation to provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers. We tailor each design to reflect your brand’s unique identity and meet your specific business requirements. Partner with Lilo to transform your vision into a captivating Shopify website that drives results and elevates your online presence.

Shopify Development Perth

Lilo offers top-notch Shopify development services in Perth, designed to enhance your online store’s performance and functionality. Our experienced Shopify developers specialize in building custom features, optimizing site speed, and ensuring a secure shopping environment. We handle everything from setup and configuration to ongoing maintenance and support, making sure your eCommerce platform runs smoothly and efficiently. Trust Lilo for professional Shopify development in Perth and take your online business to the next level.

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Partnering with Lilo’s Shopify developers ensures a professionally designed and developed store that stands out in the competitive market.

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Why Use a Shopify Developer?

Using a professional Shopify developer offers numerous advantages for your eCommerce business. At Lilo, our Shopify experts in Perth bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring your online store is built to the highest standards. Here’s why you should choose a Shopify developer:

Your very own Shopify Development partner in Perth

Do you have a question about our Shopify services? The answer might be right here… If not, why not give us a call?

How long does it take to develop a Shopify store with Lilo?

The timeline for developing a Shopify store varies depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the project. Generally, our team works efficiently to deliver high-quality results within a reasonable timeframe. We’ll provide you with a detailed project timeline during the initial consultation.

Why should I choose Lilo over other Shopify web design agencies in Perth?

Lilo stands out due to our expertise, personalized approach, and proven track record. As award-winning Shopify partners, we are committed to delivering exceptional eCommerce solutions that drive results. Our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction and our comprehensive range of services makes us the ideal choice for your Shopify needs.

What services does Lilo offer as a Shopify web design agency in Perth?

Lilo provides comprehensive Shopify services, including custom website design, development, integration, optimization, and ongoing maintenance. Our team of experts ensures your Shopify store is visually appealing, highly functional, and optimized for performance.

How experienced are Lilo’s Shopify developers?

Our Shopify developers in Perth have extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering successful eCommerce projects. They are proficient in the latest Shopify technologies and best practices, ensuring your online store is built to the highest standards.

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