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A WordPress website for Biomedical - a professional bioscience, medical editing and writing service


About the client

Biomedical Editing International has been providing professional and reliable editing services for the biosciences and medicine industry since 2007.

Its founder, Dr Sharon Forsyth, realised that many authors were experiencing difficulties in getting their manuscripts published. While the quality of their work was not in question, their presentation and general writing styles were letting them down.

Biomedical Editing International’s editing services optimises manuscripts, enhancing the chances of getting the documents published.

The client’s original site was built back in 2007 when the company was originally formed, and was in need of a design overhaul.

About the project

Lilo migrated the custom-built Biomedical site to WordPress.

The site’s written content was split up logically, and added to different visual blocks with relevant call-to-action buttons – as opposed to the simple walls of text of the original 2007 design.

This improved the user experience by making the copy easier to read, and helping guide users to their preferred content.

The move to WordPress also allows the client to add or edit its own content.


WordPress – Content Management System, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery

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