How to Choose an SEO Company

Let’s start with “What is an SEO company”

An SEO company offers Search Engine Optimisation services to companies that want to improve their organic presence to ultimately improve sales and revenue.

An SEO specialist will make recommendations on the best way to optimise your website to achieve your goals.

There are 3 main strategies that each SEO specialist should consider. They will implement or advise you on:

  • keyword research – to discover organic opportunities.
  • onsite optimisation – making sure that the website meets your user’s intent
  • content marketing or link building – to help your website build its authority to gain traction on page 1 of Google.

Choosing an SEO company for your organic efforts is a big investment and it’s advisable to work with a company that has experience in SEO and web development as these two fields need to work hand in hand.


Why is SEO important?

In case you’ve been too busy running your business to hear about SEO (or living under a rock), here are the basics about why SEO is important for your company.

  • SEO builds authority for your website and brand
    • A goal of most SEO specialists is to build the authority of a website. This is done by implementing strategies that align with your brand to build credibility and a strong foundation of trust and loyalty amongst new visitors to the website. This is done by providing users with a seamless experience on your site and following Google’s E-A-T guidelines to make sure that your website complies. These are factors that will influence whether you rank in Google’s SERPs.
  • Local SEO can improve your conversions
    • With mobile traffic becoming the most dominant traffic source, local SEO has become increasingly important for small businesses success. With a local SEO strategy, your business can improve in local rankings and ultimately more conversions.
  • Organic search is the biggest contributor of traffic on the site
    • Digital marketers understand the role that organic search traffic plays in a website’s performance. It is a very important part of the buying funnel and ultimately users converting to sales on a website. All search engines contribute to a brand’s overall visibility, but with Google being the most powerful and popular search engine, you want to make sure that your site is ranking on page one to reap the benefits of Google traffic.
  • SEO is constantly evolving
    • SEO is constantly changing and evolving, along with Google’s algorithms. That is why it is so valuable to have an SEO specialist constantly working on your website to make sure that your website meets any new algorithm updates from Google.

There are many reasons why SEO is important, but we’ll cover more of that in another article.

In 2021, search engine optimisation (SEO) has definitely become the key to finding opportunities for your business online. To see results with your SEO, you need to invest money, time and patience so the company that you engage with for your SEO strategy should be able to set your mind at ease that they have your best interests at heart.

Take a look at our advice on how to choose an SEO company

  • Before researching SEO companies – make sure that you know what your business goals are. Set basic guidelines for what it is that you would like to achieve with your SEO efforts so that you can clearly communicate this to an SEO strategist. Make sure you know what you want to achieve with SEO, Do you want an increase in revenue, site visitors, more sign-ups?
  • Be sure that the SEO company is transparent. A lot of companies can be very vague with their SEO approach. Yes, there are a lot of technical terms or strategies that you won’t understand in-depth, but be sure that they are transparent about what your SEO campaign will be. A good SEO agency should tell you exactly how your hours or how your budget is being spent to get the best return on investment for your project.
  • Communication is important. It’s possible to track almost any activity that takes place on your website. When engaging an SEO agency, make sure they are able to track the changes they have implemented as well as the direct impact this has on your organic visibility. This is the only way you will be able to understand whether their strategies are working and will benefit your business.
  • Take a look at what other clients say about them. Every company will sing its own praises, so the only way to know how reputable an SEO company is, is to see what people are saying about them. Read reviews that previous clients have left. If there are a few bad reviews, be objective and try and understand the context of the review – whether the agency was completely at fault, or whether it could have been a difficult client to work for. Read testimonials on their site and comments made by people who have previously worked with them to understand whether they deliver what they promise.
  • Cheap SEO =  bad SEO. SEO is an expensive investment but when done properly, the return can be great. Cheap SEO services are suspicious and you should beware of “blackhat” or spammy tactics that agencies might be employing on your site that could damage your business’s reputation in the long run.

SEO is a powerful marketing channel. If used correctly, it can greatly affect the growth of your business for years to come. The SEO agency that you choose should be transparent and honest about what they’re able to achieve and they should involve you every step of the way.

If you’re in the market looking for an SEO agency to help your business achieve an increase in organic presence, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists at Lilo AU to discuss your customised SEO campaign.


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