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A dedicated information hub for the signage and printing industry


About the client

Image Magazines leads communications in the signage, large format, screen printing and digital industries across Australia, New Zealand as well as the Pacific region.

They have provided news on the signage and large format printing industry for over 26 years. In their print and online publications they cover subject matters like

Lilo was approached to design and develop a new website for Image Magazines.

About the project

Lilo was asked to create a bespoke .NET website for Image Magazines.

The site serves as a showcase for their various publications regarding the signage and screen printing industry, and allowing users to subscribe to each – for physical and digital editions.

With their commitment to the local industry, Image Magazines asked Lilo to incorporate:

Lilo also assists in the regular updating of banner content, to keep site information current.


HTML / CSS, ASP.NET / IIS, JavaScript / jQuery

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