5 Easy Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Site

Posted on 28 July 2022

Just like your physical store, your online store needs to have a good foundation. And not only that, it should be just as equipped. If not, you risk losing business and long-term growth. Statistics show that the first impression users have of your site can make or break your business. 38% of your visitors won’t engage with your website if they don’t find its layout attractive.

So how can you make sure that your eCommerce site is offering your customers the best experience? Read on for our tips on marketing your online business that will guarantee your success.

What are the 5 most important eCommerce marketing tips?

Creating brand awareness is key when you’re trying to grow your business. Your customers need to know what kinds of products and services you have to offer and how you stand out from your competitors. Branding is your chance to tell your customers your story and what you’re about. It can also build trust and that’s what customers are looking for, a brand they can trust. According to a survey, 46% of consumers say that they would pay more for a brand they trust.

Social media is a great tool to promote your business and grow your brand awareness. You can leverage social media by using it as an extension to your eCommerce site. A good social media strategy to follow is to post regularly, comment on posts (especially from those accounts that follow your competitors) to attract engagement to your page and use it to check what your customers are up to so you can learn their preferences and needs. 

Humans are visual creatures because imagery evokes emotions in us. We use our senses to experience a product so a good product image can make a huge impact on your sales. Research shows that almost 88% of consumers consider the product image as a key element of their shopping experience.

So why leave your customers guessing what your product looks like? To increase your conversions, include multiple photos of your products and for even better results, include images of people using the product. This will make it easier for your customers to imagine themselves using it and see how your product improves their lives.

A good eCommerce website guides its visitors by telling them what to do next. A useful way to do this is to use CTAs – a button or image that prompts users to perform an action. Think of the last time you made a purchase online. What prompted you along each step of making that purchase? It was probably buttons that said, “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” and “Checkout”.

Ideally, you want users to take action on your site so a CTA can arguably play one of the most important roles in your sales funnel. HubSpot found that anchor text CTA increases conversion rates by up to 121%. But remember, your CTAs should always help users, not mislead them. Use clear and concise copy that gives meaning to your content and helps users make a decision (hopefully the decision you want them to make). 

Building trust with your customer base is key. If customers don’t trust your brand, they’re not going to want to buy from you. To build up this trust, you need to offer them vital information that will give them confidence in doing business with you. For example, you can start a blog that will show your customers that you’re an expert in your field.

You can also use customer reviews and social proof to increase confidence in your products and services. Encourage your customers to share their experiences because they can influence others. This way, potential customers know what to expect and what a good experience they’ll have when they interact with your business online.

You can offer your customers and potential customers incentives like discounts, freebies or exclusive access to new products or content. Doing so will encourage them to complete certain brand-building behaviours like making repeat purchases, writing reviews or referring your business to their social circles. Rewarding loyal customers will also show how much you care about them, something they’ll appreciate and will want to reciprocate.

Key takeaways

Following these simple tips will help your eCommerce site soar in conversions. Keep your customer happy with an eCommerce site that has good UX and guides them throughout their user journey. This will build trust so that they keep coming back to you and they rave about your business to their friends and family. If you need more tips on improving your eCommerce site, contact our experts to help create ideas and strategies that are specific to your needs to further your growth.


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